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Orders are a way of grouping reservations and receipts into a transaction. Orders can be placed by customers and hotels. uses a shopping cart based system. Therefore, any number and combination of rooms and store items can be added to a shopping cart. When customers check-out and complete their purchase, this turns into an order and the shopping cart is cleared out.

Viewing an order has the following components:

  • Customer Information
  • A list of what was purchased (Rooms, Store Items)
  • Notes - Hotel admins and employees can enter and view notes for the order.
  • Transaction Log - Hotel admins and employees can view a history of what has happened with the order.
  • Order Summary - A detailed payment breakdown. Admins and Employees can make changes as needed.
  • Cancel Order - Hotel admins and employees can cancel the entire order from here. Customers can also cancel their order if the hotel allows this option in the reservation settings.

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